Aqua Vu Claw Discover

Underwater Color Video Camera with Robotic Recovery Claw

In the past, discovering and retrieving items underwater were reserved for those fortunate enough to have diving equipment.  Aqua-Vu, a pioneer and leader in underwater viewing systems, solves this dilemma with the Aqua-Vu Claw. Now practically anyone can become an underwater treasure hunter without getting wet. The high-resolution video camera finds objects on the bottom, and switch activated claw picks them up.  Retrieve lost items including; keys, tools, eye glasses, anchors, fishing rods, props and much more.  Harvest shell fish, crab, entertain kids for hours, or hunt for sunken treasure.  The claw can be used anywhere: on a boat, off docks, piers, and breakwaters, even through a hole in the ice.

Not to be labeled ‘for entertainment only’,  the Aqua-Vu Claw is a valuable tool in various industries and professions such as law enforcement, marine mechanics,  electrical power producers, salvage, prospecting, construction, and many more.







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