Big Fish! - Musky or Northern Fishermans Gift Basket

      Gift Baskets by Fishy Gifts

For the Musky or Northern fisherman in your life. He (or she!) will love everything in this great gift . . .

• 60" Fish Measuring Tape. So he knows the length and weight of his trophy big fish
• 8" Fish Hook Hemostat for removing hooks from teethy fish with big mouths!
• Mouth opener - for those big mouths that always shut
• First Aid Kit - Basic practical first aid kit
• Rapala Knife Sharpener - to get fillet knives really sharp!
• Line Clipper Set. One large with knife and bottle opener and one small for pocket
• Big Fish Can Cooler. Keep those favorite drinks cool and your hands warm
• Gary Roach’s Original Fish Batter. Mr Walleye’s favorite recipe
• Sunscreen
• 2 Large Rapala Casting Lures
• Leaders
• 10 Pound Fishing Line
• LARGE Casting Lure - to lure in the BIG FISH!

Big Fish = Big Basket with Big Lures and a little bigger price - but Your Big Fish Fisherman is worth it!

(Similar items of equal value may be substituted.)







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