Deer Hunters Safety Gift Bag

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Deer Hunters Safety Gift Bag or Car Emergency Kit! USEFUL Gift for Anyone You Care About.

• Multi-Function Leatherman or Swiss Army Knife

• First Aid Kit with 27 pieces! Basic practical first aid kit for any outdoorsman or woman. First Aid Guide also included in red nylon zipper case

• Biodegradable Camp Soap. Concentrated organic soap for utensils, clothing and body. Works great in any water temperature. Hypo-allergenic, non-toxic

• Pin-On Compass. Something every hunter should have one or two of - Keep him on track. Funny reminder also, for those who have been lost!

• Super Bright Cap Light, batteries included

• Stay Safe Bright Orange Baseball Cap

• Wooden Waterproof Matches. 45 safety matches per box – light in rain or shine!

• 4 - Hand Warmers for continuous warmth - feet, hands – anywhere, anytime. Odorless, air activated.

• Whistle. Bright orange with lanyard. Pealess and works when wet!

• Safety Candles. For light and “just in case”! Always good to have

• Camouflage Lighter

• Deer or Camo Knife

• Emergency Poncho – Rain Gear. One size fits all, hooded, reusable, various colors

• Rapala Knife Sharpener. 2 stage to get fillet knives really sharp!

• Clear Zinc Oxide Face Potion – SPF 45. Water resistant, hypo-allergenic, clear – not white, and non-greasy for face, nose, lips, ears.

• Minnesota Wild Rice for an excellent side dish

Protect your favorite Deer Hunter with this VERY USEFUL camouflage gift bag - Or buy for a Car Emergency Kit for anyone you love.

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