Fisherman's Gift Basket

Fisherman's (or woman's!)Gift Basket loaded full of all the tools every fisherperson needs

• First Aid Kit - Basic practical first aid kit for any outdoorsman or woman.
• Box of Matches . . . just in case
• Sun Screen - for face, nose, lips, ears and body
• Emergency Poncho – Rain Gear. One size fits all, hooded, reusable, various colors.
• Knife Sharpener to get fillet knives really sharp!
• Bait Knife or line clippers
• Floating Minnow Net. A minnow scoop that floats to keep those cold hands dry!
• Fish Hook Remover. Hemostat for removing hooks from teethy fish.
• Fish Batter - a sportsman’s favorite.

And all this tackle for all types of fishing • Bobbers • Bobber Stops • Fish Measuring Tape Sticker • Fishing Line • Swivels and Hooks.

Gift basket loaded with great tackle for ANY fisherman or fisherwoman - beginner to pro.

(Similar items of equal value may be substituted.)





By Fishy Gifts



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