Hunters Gift Basket of Useful Tools

      Gift Baskets by Fishy Gifts

A super Gift Basket for those going to Deer Camp and a very nice presentation!

• Multi-Function Leatherman – or Swiss Army Knife • First Aid Kit with 27 pieces! Basic practical first aid kit for any outdoorsman or woman. First Aid Guide also included in red nylon zipper case.
• Mini-Brite Camp Lantern. Small and light with hanger and very bright too!
• Pin-On Compass. Something every hunter should have one or two of - Keep him on track. Funny reminder also, for those who have been lost!
• Super Bright Cap Light. Rugged 5 LED super bright 4 light functions. Batteries included
• Winter Deer Pocket Flask (or camo flask) All new colorful art that wraps all the way around the flask. 9 ounce flask with stainless steel loading funnel.
• Wooden Waterproof Matches. 45 safety matches per box – light in rain or shine!
• Hand Warmers - Non-toxic for continuous warmth - feet, hands – anywhere, anytime
• Safety Candle. For light and “just in case”! Always good to have.
• Deer Image or Camo Knife and Camouflage Lighter

Useful tools for every hunter!

(Similar items of equal value may be substituted.)








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