Ice Fishing Bucket Gift Basket

      Gift Baskets by Fishy Gifts

Ice Fisherman's Favorite! Loaded with everything you need to go ice fishing. Tools that come in very handy and loaded with fishing tackle needed to make a successful fishing trip.

Fishing line
• Rod bite indicator
Buck Shot jigging spoon
Thumper Jigs
Crappie Nibbles
Ice Buster Bobbers - 2 sizes
• Bobber stops
• Swivels
Floating Minnow Net. A minnow scoop that floats to keep those cold hands dry!
• First Aid Kit with 27 pieces! Basic practical first aid kit for any outdoorsman or woman. First Aid Guide also included in red nylon zipper case.
• 10 Hour! Heat Factory Heat Packs. Non-toxic for continuous warmth - feet, hands – anywhere, anytime. Odorless, air activated.
• Safety Candles. For light and “just in case”! Always good to have.
• Gary Roach’s Original Fish Batter. Mr Walleye’s favorite recipe, a sportsman’s favorite.
• Lures of the Past Playing Cards. Each card a different old lure with name and date of the lure.
• Fish Can Cooler. Keep those favorite drinks cool and your hands warm.

(Similar items of equal value may be substituted.)








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