Ron Schara's 2016 Minnesota Calendar

Ron Schara, TV's Minnesota Bound star, envisioned the need for a calendar that also served as a reminder of events in nature,  fishing and hunting license dates and other happenings of interest to the outdoor enthusiast. Each Calendar is loaded with these special features: Hunting/Fishing Tips Wildlife Movement Sunrise/Sunset Times Moon Phases Sportsman's Almanac Season Dates Application Reminders Natural History Plus Much More... Ron, an outdoor columnist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, created this unique outdoor information calendar out of necessity. It has proven effective!

Unique calendars for Minnesota, Wisconsin and The Dakota's - Great gift for any Sportsman! or Woman!

There is information on almost every day in the year!

Fish and Hunt License Dates for each state
Hunting/Fishing Tips
Moon Phases
Wildlife Movement
Sunrise/Sunset Times







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